What Does A British Army Officer From The Battle Of Waterloo And The MLB Have In Common?



Photo by @photosbyphab from nappy.co

The answer is that they both wore/wear raglan sleeve shirts. The raglan was named by English luxury brand Aquascutum after British Army Officer, FitzRoy Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan. After losing his arm in the battle of Waterloo (when the English defeated the French in 1815), he requested a garment that allowed for greater movement.

English-based luxury brand Aquascutum established in 1851

The solution was the raglan sleeve which extends in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone. The raglan mid-length sleeve became popular amongst MLB teams and baseball players everywhere!

A baseball player wearing a blue and orange raglan sleeve jersey

They're also great for any kind of activity and they're quite stylish too and therefore we have a collection of raglan sleeve hip-hop t-shirts. With different colored sleeves, our raglan t-shirts offer that little extra to your hip-hop t-shirt. We think you'll love the freedom of movement as well as the style! 

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