Timberland: The Quintessential Hip-Hop Boot

The Timberland boot is very popular today all over the world and can be found in a variety of styles in stores worldwide and is truly worn by everybody, yet it is a recognizable hip-hop fashion item that is synonymous with 1990s east coast hip-hop footwear. This boot was rocked by hip-hoppers across the board from mainstream artists to underground battle rappers and everyone in between which is truly outstanding and makes the Timberland boot one of the most iconic hip-hop fashion items in the history of the game! Speaking of The Game here's a quote from his 2008 song titled 'Let Us Live':

"New York, California different toilet, same shit, In Brooklyn I rock Timberlands"

Here's the thing! I would love to mention key artists that wore Timberlands at some point in their career but if I was going to make any kind of worthy list that list would get really long, real fast! That's just how popular timbs were and still are in hip-hop. But just for the heck of it I'm going to name just a few to get things rolling: LL Cool J. Biggie. Nas. Jay-Z. 50 Cent. Eminem. Redman. Aaliyah. Wu-Tang Clan. Drake. And mister hip-hop fashion himself Kanye West. If you do a search for 'timbs' on lyrics.com you will get 533 results and 313 results for 'Timberland'a and most of these will be hip-hop songs. Here are a few classic lines through the years mentioning timbs:

I've been moving state to state / In my leather and my Timbs like it's 1998 - Drake 'The Motion'

It don't make sense, goin' to heaven with the goodie-goodies / Dressed in white, I like black Timbs and black hoodies - Biggie Smalls 'Suicidal Thoughts'

Suede Timbs on my feet makes my cipher complete - Nas 'The World Is Yours'

Scuff my Timbs on the boulevard on many rough cities - LL Cool J 'Who Shot Ya (Remix)

Trying to win in the construction Timbs, can I live - Jay-Z 'Can I Live II'

Timbs for my hooligans in Brooklyn - Notorious B.I.G. 'Hypnotize'

You're listening to slanged out goodies And Timberlands and hoodies - Genius/GZA 'Unstoppable Threat'

The Timberland boot has always been a east coast thing as the forementioned Game lyric states, but they are  in fact rocked in most places that have cold winters and for winter time the Timberland boot is without a doubt the undisputed number one choice for hip-hoppers of all ages. But the boot can be very expensive and even more so if you want alternative colors! And not everybody has that kind of extra cash lying around with all the extra expenditures that come along with this time of year! But worry not! Because as usual being the affordable classic hip-hop shopping service that we are: we have some alternatives that will make sure to help you 'Get fresh for less' this winter!

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