Part II Of Our Creators Series: TMC's Very Own Jack from Bristol

G-Funk...Westside Connection is our favorite Jack design and also our second bestseller this year!

Today we're continuing our interview series with our design team who make the legendary TMC designs we have here at the shop. In our last series, we talked to Mark and Michael from the USA and Germany respectively who have done great work. But today we're interviewing Jack from Bristol who has done some really inspired work for us. *This series can be of inspiration for up and coming designers who may want to work for us someday. But also for all you peeps out there with a creative leaning who want to get started in the industry.

Right now, let's go to Jack (over Skype) in Bristol who we actually had this conversation with during a "virtual" lunch last Saturday. Here are the key points of our conversation.

Retro: Hi Jack! A pleasure to have lunch with you over there in good ol' England.

Jack: Absolutely! This is totally wicked! 

Retro: Simple question. What is your design philosophy?

Jack: Recognizability. If you've seen it before then you're more likely to purchase it. 

Retro: Tell us about how you make a "recognizable" design...

Jack: Well first you need two things, a recognizable design and a new and fresh idea of how you can flip it into something new... I'll choose something that has an immediate impact and then I'll go to my list of "fresh" ideas that are from the genre that I'm creating for.

Retro: We absolutely love your work and it sells well too! (Laughs) From your reworkings of classic movies like Annie to your new GAP inspired tee, the Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It reworking the legendary Parental Advisory sticker, and the bestseller in the t-shirt department the almighty Compton t-shirts.

Jack: Yeah, the references there are known to many, we're trying to reach an audience that is broad and at other times deep in the hip-hop community. Like the Ice-Cube reference is mainstream hardcore rap while the GAP logo is famous to most people at least in America.

Retro: But our favorite (and our second TMC best seller) Westside Connection is pure hip-hop genius...Tell us about that

Jack: You know that t-shirt is for the many but it also for the hardcore fan. It has classic elements like the lowrider coupled with a strong as f**k slogan, "Westside Connection". And the hardcore, veteran fans will know the visual reference also. 

Retro: Yeah, the Parliament Mothership Connection cover reworking is a stroke of genius. It's been a pleasure talking to you, Jack! Hit us up with some new classics soon, alright? 

Jack: Will do! Bye!

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  • Robert Jigorianu

    Hello I just bought an XL Navy “HYPNOTIZE” (Order #3831), is it possible to change it to size M?

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