Want To Be A Style King? Then You Should Seriously Consider Wearing A Bandana!

When the weather starts heating up again, the last the thing you want to do is wrap another scarf around your head. This is where the trusty bandana, that classic accessory item which is always hip-hop, comes in. It's the accessory that we have seen time and time again on high fashion runways, blue-collar workers, outlaw characters, and on the heads of the most iconic hip-hop artists of our time, past and present.

It can be rocked in a wide variety of ways, check Retro Hip Hop Shop's guide on how to wear a bandana here. Whether you want to rock it rolled, folded, untied or suit yours up as a pocket square with some character, the choice is yours.

The word itself likely comes from the Sanskrit word 'badhnati' which means binds or to tie. Through trade, the name eventually found its way into the English language in the mid-1700s before being anglicized into the word 'bandannoe' by the Portuguese which eventually became the word 'bandana' of today.


One of the most famous patterns is the paisley pattern which looks like a teardrop. The design originated in Persia and became widely imitated in the West in the 1700s-1800s. Eventually, the pattern got the name of Paisley which stems from the Scotish town of Paisley which was a center for textile production including this design.

Tupac "2Pac" Shakur wearing a blue bandana

A long list of rappers have rocked it, but none are more associated with the bandana than 2Pac. 2Pac was one of the style kings of his era and he set trends across the board with his choice of accessories and clothing combos. And of course, 2Pac rocked the timeless bandana, which became an American staple when a 1900s New York company known as “the Elephant brand” led the way for authentic American made bandanas. So it's safe to say that the bandana isn't going anywhere soon.

And remember, they come in all colors and designs and can be rocked in a multitude of ways, so start building up your bandana collection today!

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